Lucid Dreaming is becoming aware that you are in a dream whilst you are dreaming. Essentially you wake up within your dream, you realise you are asleep in bed and you are experiencing your dream with full waking consciousness.

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Becoming Lucid in your dreams is a skill that anyone can learn.  But why would you want to learn about Lucid Dreaming in the first place?

Once you become Lucid in your dreams you can start to learn how to control your dreams. You’ll learn to realise that everything you are experiencing in your dream is created inside your head by your own sub conscious and therefore, ANYTHING is possible.

Want to fly over the grand canyon like superman? or Walk the mountains on the moon? No problem lucid dreaming can let you experience anything you can imagine in vivid detail as if you were doing it for real.

However, there are many other benefits to lucid dreaming. Once  A lucid dream offers you direct communication with your own sub concious. In essence, once lucid, you can simply call out to the “dreamscape” your question and the answer you hear or the projections you see are direct responses from your own subconscious.